Sales and after sales services

Sales and after sales services

  Sales policy

At Hoang Khanh, we always want to provide the best price to our customers. And in order to do that, we are only selling in bulk quantity. Please refer to the minimum order quantity for the items we offer:

Enamelled copper wire, aluminium wire and ECA are sold to customers in whole bobbins with full marks and labels from the manufacturers. Unfortunately, we cannot sell half or a quarter of a bobbin.

Please note the products that are sold in kilograms will have a weight tolerance in accordance with each factory/supplier. For example with the Thai Hitachi magnet wire, a bobbin can be varied, for example, 20.6 kgs, 21.3 kgs, 22.5 kgs… depending on the moment of cutting on the winding machine. Of course, the quality of all the wires all uniforms no matter small or large bobbins.

Our copper and aluminium wires are enamelled wires, which means they are not in their raw forms. They have been coated with a thin layer of insulation.

Film and paper insulation products manufactured in China are usually packaged into standard rolls of 100 kgs. You, however, can buy smaller quantities (minimum of 30 kgs for green paper, 6520 fish paper, red pressboard and red steel pressboard; and a minimum of 50 kgs for 6021, 6630 DMD and 6632 DM. 

Of course, we always encourage customers to buy the whole standard roll of 100kgs, which will minimise our time to extract into smaller quantities and in return you will always get the best wholesale price.

We can help you to cut the film, paper insulations into the forms you require such as sheets, small rolls or pies. You only need to provide us with the reference images of your wanted finished product, as well as the dimensions, quantity needed and we will quote you the most affordable price. Learn more >

All of our products after cutting at your request are re-measured, re-weighted. Of course, we assure that quality remains the same just like the original product.

All film and paper insulation materials sold at Hoang Khanh are measured in kilograms, not metres. The reason is that depending on the thickness and for the formulation of the film, the standard grammage density may vary. This means 100 metres of a 0.30 mm film may be heavier than 100 metres of a 0.10 mm film. Not to mention the difficulty in measuring these in metres. Putting a roll of 100 kgs on a scale is definitely faster and more efficient than using a ruler and measure 100 metres of a product.

All of our imported products are through official customs, with evidence of origin (Certificate of Origin - 'CO'), quality and quantity (Certificate of Quality - 'CQ'). Please note that in the market, there are many products that are smuggled through the borders. They do not pay relevant taxes and cannot provide documentation. They may sell these items at a very low price but the quality is dubious. Our company says no to poor quality products, products without proof of origin.

 After-sale service

Hoang Khanh always expects the products we import and distribute meet the highest standards and satisfaction of our customers.

However, in the case of error detection due to the manufacturer, you can return your product(s). We will check and provide you with the best solution. Learn more about our warranty policy >

Please contact us if you have any problems with the product(s). We thank you for your continuous support.

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