About us

About us

Corporate profile

Hoang Khanh Trading Company Limited was founded in 2010 by Mrs Luong Thi Thuy Huong, who has more than 30 years of experience in importing products such as enamelled copper wire, aluminium wire, insulation materials and capacitors. Hoang Khanh has many distributors across Vietnam, some of them have been active collaborators since the very first days. We also have partnership with well-known suppliers in China, Thailand and Malaysia. Hoang Khanh is expanding its business in order to establish a firm stand, get ready for resources, and proceed to start a journey to conquer new goals in the near future.

Missions and visions

Provide customers with true values through high-quality products and meet the demands of modern life.

As a reputable distributor of electrical materials in Ho Chi Minh City, major suppliers are an important link in our success. Hoang Khanh selects and tests the product quality strictly with the aim to bring the products that meet the highest requirements to customers.

Our goals

Growth and profits

We try to make a good profit from our business and re-invest that profit back for future growth.

Continuous learning

We strive to create value through innovation, to contribute to our customers' business activities by identifying their needs timely.

Hoang Khanh Trading Co., Ltd
Office: 666/53 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Click for directions >
Telephone:  +84 28 6264 7585 (Trading hours: Mon to Sat from 08:00am to 05:00pm)
Email: info@hoangkhanh.net.vn