Warranty policy

Warranty policy

When purchasing products at Hoang Khanh, you have peace of mind with a free return policy of up to 30 days for the products due to errors, defects from the manufacturer. When receiving the goods, if you discover errors, please contact us immediately for timely assistance.

It is important that you have done research about the product(s) that you're intending to buy because each product has different purpose and usage. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@hoangkhanh.net.vn if you have any inquiries related to which products that you should choose.

Our working hours are from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm (UTC +07:00: Hanoi time) Mondays to Saturdays (excluding public holidays). Please note that we may not accept your warranty application if it is simply because you change your mind.

Conditions of receiving warranty products:

-  Please contact us with a description of the defects as well as pictures of the products so that we can assess the status and verify against the purchase information from the database. Please do not return the product until you have received our warranty approval. 

- It is important that you still have your documentation and accompanying packaging.

- If the product is found to be defective due to the manufacturer, we will pay all shipping costs for you and return the new goods within 15 days from the date of receiving the faulty product. Note that your product may be out of stock or is no longer offered by us. In this case, we will advise and provide solution on a case by a case basis.

Warranty disclaimer:

We will not accept your warranty application due to the following reasons:

- The product is not provided by Hoang Khanh Trading Company Limited

- The product is broken, deformed, scratched.

- The product is damaged due to water.

- The product is damaged by natural disasters, fire, flood, lightning.

- The product is affected by heat, external impact.

- The product has a rust or corrosion, oxidised by chemicals.

- The Product is damaged due to using the wrong voltage.

Hoang Khanh always expects the products we import and distribute to have the highest quality and satisfaction of customers. However, in the case of error detection by the manufacturer, we are happy to receive the product, check and provide the best solution for you. We thank you for your understanding and co

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